Beach Town in a Forest

Beach Town in a Forest
Beach Town in a Forest, Pine Knoll Shores located in Carteret County on North Carolina's Crysal Coast. Photo compliments of Bill Flexman and Dave Prutzman

Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Beach Town in a Forest"

"The Story of Pine Knoll Shores" is on exhibit at the History Museum of Carteret County from  March 15, 2016, through March 15, 2017. This display, produced as a joint effort of the History Committee of Pine Knoll Shores and the Historical Society of Carteret County, occupies the remodeled Rodney Kemp Gallery. The museum intends to use the Rodney Kemp Gallery to showcase the history of Carteret County towns. Pine Knoll Shores was selected to be the first to exhibit, and in coming years, the story of other communities will fill this gallery.

Dairy Farming on Bogue Banks

Recently, in the process of clearing a lot on Holly Rd. of undergrowth, a Pine Knoll Shores property owner uncovered a remnant of Alice Hoffman’s time on Bogue Banks. To understand the significance of this discovery, we must piece together some background information about Alice Hoffman.